Edit/Append Recurrent Invoice

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Edit/Append Recurrent Invoice

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Edit/Append A/P Recurrent Invoice

Select Accounts Payable - Edit/Append Recurrent Invoice


On the filter select your Company number, Vendor number and invoice number if you know it.  If you want to list all invoices for that vendor leave the invoice field blank.  Click on your Get Data button.  Your invoice(s) should then appear.  To edit the invoice click on it and then click the Edit button.  You will need to make any changes on this screen. 


Appending Accounts Payable recurrent will add invoices to the Transaction file.  The debits and credits will be appended to the Transaction file. The vendor’s balance will be adjusted in the Vendor file.


For invoices that don't have an invoice number.  This method automatically assigns an invoice number by combining the vendor number and the assigned transaction date. 


Displays each invoice that has not been assigned a number, and allows you to assign a number.


Q: I have already Appended my Recurrent Transactions for this month, but I have just received a new invoice I would like to add as a Recurrent entry.  If I add it into the Recurrent    Transaction File, can I Append for the month again?  (for A/P Recurrent or Transactions Recurrent)

A: No, you cannot Append again.  If you do, you will have double entries for the Recurrent Transactions already set up in the file.  What you should do is add the NEW Recurrent Transaction into the Recurrent field so that it is ready to go for the next month, then add that one invoice into A/P (if it is Recurrent A/P invoice) as if a normal A/P invoice would be entered, or add it into the Transaction File (if it is a Recurrent Transaction) as if a normal Journal Entry would be entered.

Q: What do I do if I did somehow append recurrent transactions more than once in the same month?

A: Select Transactions - Transaction Listing and pull up all transactions for month.  When you see the double entry for the appended recurrent transactions, click on one of them to highlight it, then click "Delete Invoice".  Leave the other recurrent transaction alone as it should be there once for the month.

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