Tutorial for New Users

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Tutorial for New Users

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Tutorial for New Users

Derek is a fully loaded Accounting System for Oil and Gas Operators.  It has a lot of options and flexibility for Billing Investors and Disbursing Revenue. It can handle up to 99 different companies (in one data directory) and each company can have up 99,999 wells with different Owners for each well.

Entries to the General Ledger accounts determine whether it is an Expense or Revenue and whether or not it is to be passed on to the Investors.

Unfortunately, Oil and Gas Accounting is not an easy subject, but spending time with the Tutorial is normally enough to get most operators up and running.  A few exceptions to this are:

 -You know little about Bookkeeping (debits and credits). See Accounting for Dummies 

 -You know little about the Oil and Gas business.   See Oil and Gas for Dummies 

 -You know little about computers and the Windows operating system. 

If you are weak in one or more of the above, quite naturally it may take you longer to learn. You might consider buying an 'Elementary' book focusing on your weak area.   

In This Section:

The tutorial uses Sample Data that came with the Derek.  The Sample Data Files are normally (unless you changed it) installed in the C:\DEREK\DEDATA directory.  In its original state, when you install Derek and open the program for the first time, it defaults to open in this Sample Data directory (You can verify the data directory you are currently in by locating it at the top left of your screen.) However, if you have already installed your Real Data, be sure you are using the Sample Data and not your Real Data for this Tutorial.  If you need to change to the Sample Data, see Change Data Directory.

How to Use the Main Menu 

How to Print the Master Files of the Sample Data

Entering Expenses:

   How to Add an Accounts Payable Invoice

   How to Enter a Journal Entry

   How to Enter a Recurring Journal Entry

How to Enter a Run Check

How to Print Operating Statements and Revenue Checks for Investors

How to Post Payments from the Investors

How to Enter Debit & Credit for a Hand Written Check

How to Print Computer Generated Checks for Accounts Payable

Please consult the applicable section of the Help System for more information on any particular routine used in the Tutorial.                                                             

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